Pinot Blanc

About this grape variety

Pinot Blanc is a genetic mutation of Pinot Noir, and Pinot Blanc can be told apart from its ancestor only by their difference in colour when the grapes mature.

It is an early grape, sensitive to disease but resistant to dryness. It gives a wine that is robust, vinous, generous—a fine wine that is powerful and balanced with good acidity, often ideal for gastronomy

It can be light on aromas but gives a full softness and backbone to blends.


  • Nose

    Fruity with notes of pale citrus and lime

  • Palate

    A fine, elegant wine

  • Etymology

    From pines - the bunches of grapes resemble pines cones

  • Origin

    Grown in the Alsace, stems from a mutation of Klevner Pinot Gris in the Alsace.

  • Ancestry

    Natural colour variant of Pinot Noir

Pinot Blanc

23.3 ha out of 4675 ha, or 0.5%

55 wine producers cultivate this grape variety

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apricots, citrus fruits, exotic or red fruits, almonds, etc.Fruity

violet, elder, lime, rose, etc.Floral

low in alcohol, low in tanninsLight


intense alcohol, acidity and aromasFull

dominated by acid, which gives the wine a fresh appearanceCrisp


without acidity, round, smoothSoft

no residual sugarDry


mellow wine, fairly supple, fleshyRich

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