Dôle Blanche

About this wine

Canton Valais, with its warm and sunny climate, lends itself naturally to rosé wines. The best time to enjoy these is the middle of summer, on a shady terrace, with one of the specialties, Dôle Blanche, served well chilled (8°C).

Dôle blanche is made from the same grapes as Dôle, but it is vinified as a white wine, in other words without leaving the grape skins to macerate. It is very light in colour and fruity in mouth. This is a generous, vinous wine which often has a soft finish. It links the charm and freshness of a white wine and the comfort of a red. This is also ideal as an aperitif, with tapas, Asian dishes or spicy and even peppery foods.


  • Palate

    Very light in colour and fruity in the mouth, generous, vinous wine which often has a soft finish

  • Food and Wine pairing

    Ideal as an aperitif, with tapas, Asian dishes or spicy and even peppery foods

Dôle Blanche

51% Pinot Noir and Gamay

77 wine producers cultivate this grape variety

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In red wine

Dôle du Valais is Switzerland's oldest and best-known red wine blend.

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apricots, citrus fruits, exotic or red fruits, almonds, etc.Fruity

violet, elder, lime, rose, etc.Floral

low in alcohol, low in tanninsLight


intense alcohol, acidity and aromasFull

dominated by acid, which gives the wine a fresh appearanceCrisp


without acidity, round, smoothSoft

no residual sugarDry


mellow wine, fairly supple, fleshyRich

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