Caves Orsat - Martigny

About the winery

Founded in Martigny by Alphonse Orsat in 1874, Caves Orsat works closely with thousands of small Valais winegrowers, offering them a cooperative structure rich in humanity and social values.

Each year, Caves Orsat buys the harvest of around 1100 suppliers, located between Salquenen and Martigny. Alphonse Orsat was a pioneer in various fields, for example by creating a pension fund for his employees, a rare social commitment at the time.

For almost 150 years, Caves Orsat has forged a link between vine and wine, creating an identity for a large part of the Valais region.

The fame of "Fendant 13 Etoiles", "Dôle Romaine" and "Pinot Noir Römerblut" was established over a century ago. These wines were joined by the prestigious "Primus Classicus" range in 1988. This range gives pride of place to native specialities such as Arvine, Cornalin and Humagne Rouge.

Caves Orsat moved from the center of Martigny to the city's southeastern outskirts.
In 1988, it became part of the Rouvinez family.


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Caves Orsat


Rue du Levant 99

1920 Martigny

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Le Caveau de Martigny

In this space, the Caves Orsat ranges can be discovered: Primus Classicus, Les Villages, Fondation Gianadda. You'll also find wines from other Rouvinez family companies: Domaines Rouvinez, Charles Bonvin, Imesch...



Château de Villa

This is the largest wine cellar in Valais, with 650 select wines and the expertise of more than 110 of the canton’s winemakers.

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    Opening hours

    Monday to Friday 8.00am - 12.00pm / 1.30pm - 5.30pm
    January to September closed
    October to December 9.00am - 12.30pm


    30 people


    FR / DE

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    Parking space

    Accessible to people with reduced mobility

Wine list

  • White

    • Fendant
    • Johannisberg
    • Chardonnay
    • Heida
    • Petite Arvine
  • Red

    • Pinot Noir
    • Gamay
    • Dôle
    • Humagne Rouge
    • Cornalin
    • Syrah
    • Merlot
  • Rosé

    • Oeil-de-Perdrix
  • Others

    • Red assemblage

Award-winning wines

  • Humagne Rouge Primus Classicus


  • Petite Arvine Primus Classicus


  • Johannisberg Primus Classicus


  • Heida Primus Classicus


  • Fendant Primus Classicus


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apricots, citrus fruits, exotic or red fruits, almonds, etc.Fruity

violet, elder, lime, rose, etc.Floral

low in alcohol, low in tanninsLight


intense alcohol, acidity and aromasFull

dominated by acid, which gives the wine a fresh appearanceCrisp


without acidity, round, smoothSoft

no residual sugarDry


mellow wine, fairly supple, fleshyRich

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