Central Valais

From the Ardève mountain to the Colline de Géronde

As you explore the vineyards from Chamoson to Sierre, continue on your journey up the Rhône and discover this region’s unique locations.

Sion – Les Celliers de Sion Oenopark with its wide range of activities centred around Valais wines

Flanthey – La Maison des Cornalins, everything you need to know about this great Valais wine

Sierre – Le Château de Villa and its selection of over 650 vintages from Valais

  • St-Pierre-de-Clages
  • Chamoson
  • Ardon
  • Vétroz
  • Conthey
  • Pont-de-la-Morge
  • Savièse
  • Champlan
  • Grimisuat
  • Ayent
  • Anzère
  • Nendaz
  • Nax
  • Bramois
  • Uvrier
  • St-Léonard
  • Flanthey
  • Ollon
  • Chalais
  • Granges
  • Loc
  • Chippis
  • Réchy
  • Grimentz
  • Venthône
  • Veyras
  • Miège
  • Corin
  • Crans-Montana
  • Zinal
  • Sierre
  • Sion
  • Muraz-Sierre

Wine tasting

Winemakers, producers of enchanting wines


13 wines from this cellar

Cave Bolero - Daniel Etter

Daniel Etter is committed to biodiversity, in harmony with the seasons and the ecosystem, to ensure the future and vitality of the Valais vineyard.


15 wines from this cellar

Cave des Promesses

The efforts made in the vineyard contribute to winemaking that respects the environment and produces great grapes which will then make superb wines.


11 wines from this cellar

Les 3 Saints - Damien et Linda Roh

Les 3 Saints cellar is a young cellar. Founded in 2008 by Damien Roh, it is still in the process of developing.

Wine tourism

Must-see addresses



Les Celliers de Sion Oenoparc

A scintillating building that houses Les Celliers de Sion’s tasting area and its wine tourism offerings



Visperterminen - Europe’s highest vineyard

A walk through an exceptional vineyard, including a Heida tasting at St-Jodernkellerei



Hangar 41

Hangar 41 is the place to explore, rediscover and taste the diversity of wines from Valais, Switzerland and around the world.

Your tasting profile

Select your favourite type of wine or indicate what you are looking for in a wine and find out which Valais wine is right for you.

apricots, citrus fruits, exotic or red fruits, almonds, etc.Fruity

violet, elder, lime, rose, etc.Floral

low in alcohol, low in tanninsLight


intense alcohol, acidity and aromasFull

dominated by acid, which gives the wine a fresh appearanceCrisp


without acidity, round, smoothSoft

no residual sugarDry


mellow wine, fairly supple, fleshyRich

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